About the Pro Worker

This multifunctional aluminium workboat is suited for push, tow and tender jobs. The standard features of the Pro Worker include a tow hitch, push bar and rubber D-profile.
The Pro Worker is seaworthy and has a wide sailing range. The combination of its aluminium hull and overall stability provides speed and excellent sailing characteristics. The boat is also virtually maintenance-free.

The Pro Worker is specifically built for the offshore industry, where safety and ease of operation in rough weather conditions is the primary concern.
The Pro Worker is available in a variety of types. The type denotation represents the length of the boat. For example, type 450 is 4.5 metres long. Different uses can call for different types. A police surveillance boat may require different dimensions than a Pro Worker used for salvage operations.

The Pro Worker can be used for:

    • Emergency assistance, monitoring and enforcement by police, customs activities etc.
    • Firefighting
    • Salvage operations

In addition to these professional uses, the Pro Worker is also perfectly suited for water sports.


Model: Pro Worker 450 / 550 / 650 / 750 / 850 / 950
Material:  Aluminium 5 mm (5083 H111)
Length ( type 650):  6,50 meter
Width (type 650):  2,55 meter
Depth (type 650):  0,28 meter
Weight (type 650):  1.000 kg. 
Horsepower (type 650):  Max 175 pk.

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